JFBView is a PDF and image viewer for the Linux framebuffer. It is very fast and has a number of advanced and unique features including:

  • Reads PDFs (MuPDF) and common image formats (Imlib2).

  • Supports arbitrary zoom (10% - 1000%) and rotation.

  • Table of Contents (TOC) viewer for PDF documents.

  • Multi-threaded rendering on multi-core machines.

  • Asynchronous background rendering of the next page.

  • Customizable multi-threaded caching.

Bug reports and comments are welcome on GitHub (preferred). You can also contact me at [email protected].


  • Debian/Ubuntu:

    1. Install dependencies:

      sudo apt-get install libmupdf-dev libncurses5 libimlib2 libopenjpeg2 libjbig2dec0
    2. Download and install the .deb package that matches your system:

  • ArchLinux: install it from the AUR with

    yaourt -S jfbview
  • Other: check out the source code section below.


If you have installed JFBView, you can try man jfbview for keybindings and command line options, or you can browse the online version of the JFBView man page. You are also welcome to submit a bug on GitHub (preferred) or send questions or comments to [email protected].

Source code

JFBView is open-source and distributed under the Apache License v2. The source code is available on GitHub and Open Hub.


JFBView depends on MuPDF 1.x for PDF rendering and Imlib2 for image rendering. For build instructions, please see the accompanying README file.